ProDAD Vitascene V3 Pro Promo Plug-in for EDIUS 9

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ProDAD Vitascene V3 is the optimal tool to give your video a special look, create a mood or just add more individuality.
Vitascene V3 includes over 700 fully customizable effects in broadcast quality.

As mentioned by the manufacturer ProDAD Vitascene V3 is an „All in one solution“.
It contains:
• Transition effects
• Video filters (e.g. tilt-shift)
• Filmlook effects
• Text effects
• Tools for picture optimization

When using ProDAD Vitascene V3 you can concentrate more on the creative part of your work, since all effects are rendered super-fast by a graphics card’s GPU. Depending on your GPU’s performance, time consuming rendering belongs to the past. Due to GPU processing even complex effects can be rendered even faster than in V2.

Vitascene V3 offers the perfect effect for almost any type of usage. Filters allow controlling the type, amount and desired direction of light within your scene. This way you can highlight objects, add reflections or even flood your scene with gleaming light. Coloring your scene and adapting brightness levels will support a more romantic or dynamic look. Highlight details of your scene applying the spotlight filter. Effects can be controlled and timed precisely applying key frames if you wish to do so.

Video filters also work great on texts, logos and graphics with beautiful results – easily done with just a few mouse clicks without any programming skills or efforts.

Present your images styled as a watercolor painting, graphite drawing or as a 3D look.

Put your material into a different perspective and apply the tilt shift effect to transform your images into a miniature world.

Highly efficient video filters will optimize older or not so perfect recordings regarding contrast, brightness, sharpness and color – all adjusted automatically with just a mouse click in no time at all.

• Easy handling
• Highly customizable
• Easily controllable by keyframes
• Supporting up to UHD/4K 10bit
• Around 700 video filters & transition effects
• Gleaming, glowing and reflections
• Impressive light rays, controlling light sources
• Also suited for texts, graphics and logos
• Optimizing of contrasts and focus
• Optimizing of color and brightness
• Ideally suited for a large number of editing solutions
• Stunning performance by comprehensive support of advanced hardware resources

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